Com1 over

Picture on Comport in the computer


Works whit  usb-Adapter to .

Picture on USB-Serial Adapter


Free Shiftlight 2. led interface.

Instruction to make a free Simlight 2 Led Adapter.pdf

Schematic  Free Simlight.pdf


Updated software SimBox and Simlight Software for RACEON and RACE07




    Download for free.

New gear 1-6 turn off led whit a big X.

Simbox FW 1.7 gear led, reverse and neutral your one character.

Simlight users don't forgett select Comport


 OLD Softwares

Support för GTR2 pd and Race 07 Pd And X-Sim      

 New APi Works on Vista and Windows 7

Download the program for free

Simlight and Simbox interface FW 1.6 or higher.

Simlight users don't forgett select Comport.


Setup the X-Sim Programms

Instruction  X-Sim.pdf to connect to X-Sim



Support for Simtools use this file.


Download GTR2 Pd or Race07 Pd

Start a server on port 1001

start Simbox and Connect

Simlight users don't forgett select Comport.

Thomas Brevitz